Born To Die On My Way

Jia Xiang Kang | China / Kina | 2024 | 19' 36"| igrani / movie

This film tells the story of two characters meeting and happening during their spiritual journey. One is a city dweller who has lost his soul in the city. He is walking on the road with a blue bathtub on his back, and the other is a tree planter with a tree on his back. They all have the same purpose of ‘going home’. Their hometown is in the snowy mountains, and they have gone through the mountains, the Gobi, and the desert all the way through hardships! On the way home, they met on a deserted hill. The man who planted the tree, due to the hardships along the way, was unable to support himself and eventually collapsed on the way. The man carrying the bathtub was speechless and silently accompanied the man who planted the tree all night. As the sun was about to be born, he buried the man carrying the tree along with the small tree on his way home. The man carrying the bathtub continued to set out, Moving towards the snowy mountains, we finally arrived at them, blending our naked bodies into a pure spiritual home and completing our spiritual journey of worship.