Bruna Ercegović / Hrvatska, Croatia /2024 / 08'27'' / animirani / animation
direction, screenplay, animation: Bruna Ercegović

music: Natko Stipaničev

production: ALU
Full of hopes and dreams, the Young Sailor and the Roommate are the only newcomers on the ship with the old, already established crew. They slowly adapt to the new way of life and the characteristics of the crew, when suddenly one day Cimer falls into the sea. The stormy sea swallows him almost immediately, and none of the crew reacts. The young sailor is forced to pull him to dry land himself. But the whole venture turns out to be in vain, because the cruel sea returns the same night to take what rightfully belongs to it. The young sailor remains alone and isolated. Banned from the group for the act of saving someone. But the journey is not over yet and opportunities for socialization are significantly limited on a single ship.