Tabor Film Festival takes place at Veliki Tabor Castle, near village Desinić at Hrvatsko zagorje.

The municipality of Desinić is located at Hrvatsko Zagorje, very close to Croatian-Slovenian border. Accommodation in the municipality of Desinić is very convenient for traffic – the nearest border crossing Miljana is only 6 km away, and you can get from Zagreb in an hour by car.


Veliki Tabor Castle
Košnički Hum 1
49216 Desinić
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During the festival, visitors at Tabor Film Festival will be able to purchase a one-way bus ticket with a 50% discount and a return ticket with a 30% discount by showing a festival ticket to the driver. It is not possible to buy tickets at any other point of sale other than the Presečki Group bus. More information on:

Regular lines from Zagreb Bus Station (platform 600-608) to Desinić will run to the Tabor Castle but it is necessary to emphasize to the driver to stop under the castle. 

The Tabor-Zagreb line (from the foot of the castle) will run:

6.07. – 4:10; 8:15; 11:15; 18:20
7.07. – 4:10; 8:15; 11:15; 18:20
8.07. – 5:45; 12:50; 18:20
9.07. – 5:45; 12:50; 16:15


The distance between Zagreb and Desinić is 69 kilometers and within the recommended driving speed you can reach Veliki Tabor Castle in 70 minutes, starting from Zagreb. Festival visitors will be able to park their cars right in front of the castle.


Zagorje is a favorite destination among bicyclists, both professional and amateurs. Traffic is moderate, but you can find side roads where there is not a lot of traffic, and the nature is even more beautiful.