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Is there an organized transfer to the festival location?

Visitors of the Tabor Film Festival will be able to purchase a one-way ticket with a 50% discount and a return ticket with a 30% discount upon showing a festival ticket to the driver. It is not possible to buy tickets at any point of sale other than the Presečki Grupa bus. Regular afternoon lines Zagreb-Desinić will run to the foot of Tabor if necessary. More about how to get to Tabor here.

Will there be an organized camp this year?

The official camp will not be organized, but for adventurers it is possible to find interesting locations for setting up tents. Chemical toilets and water taps will be set up near the castle. The organizer of the festival is not responsible for stolen things, accidents or injuries that occur during camping.

How far is the parking lot from the festival and will it be charged?

Parking lot is about 300 meters away from the festival location. You can park your car only in the marked parking area. 

Where to stay during the festival?

You can choose between private accomodation, hotels and hostels. Find your accommodation nearby.

Lost and found

In case you lose or find someone’s lost value, we kindly ask you to inform our info desk, located at the entrance of the castle. For all questions about the lost and found stuff after the festival, please contact us at Once again, we invite everyone to take care of themselves and their personal belongings.

What to take with you to the festival?

It is reccommended to bring things such as lamps, plasters, earplugs, sunscreen. Umbrellas will not be allowed at the entrance to the castle. Disinfectants, protective masks, and gloves are welcome – follow the instructions on COVID-19 measures.

Can minors go to the festival?

Regardless of age, all persons are welcome to the Festival. According to Croatian law, persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. We emphasize that it is strictly forbidden to serve or consume alcoholic beverages or beverages that contain alcohol to persons under 18 years of age.

Are pets allowed at the festival?

Pets are allowed in the entire area of ​​the festival except the castle itself. Pets should be under the constant supervision of the owner. 

What is the accessibility for people with disabilities and limited mobility?

The festival location is adapted for access by people with disabilities and limited mobility, and we ask them to contact the staff immediately upon arrival at the festival for any additional information. A toilet for people with disabilities is provided and is located in the castle. Festival and daily tickets for people with disabilities are charged according to the regular price list. Accompanying a person with a disability, an adult without a disability, enters the festival free of charge as an escort for a person with a disability.

Where can I buy tickets and can I buy them online?

Tickets can be purchased in advance only online. Tickets can also be purchased at the festival entrance.

Is photography allowed with professional equipment?

Photography with professional equipment is allowed only to photographers who have received official accreditation from the festival. Photography and recording with smartphones, as well as pocket cameras are allowed. The use of drones is prohibited at the entire festival location (except at the workshop), selfie sticks are allowed only in the camp area.