Tabor Film Festival is the longest-running international short film festival in Croatia.

Tabor Film Festival takes place every year in July in the unique ambience of the monument of zero category, Veliki Tabor Castle, near village Desinić at Hrvatsko zagorje. Although the headquarter of the Festival from its very beginning was Dvor Veliki Tabor, from 2008 to 2011, due to restoration works on the castle, the Festival was temporarily held in the town of Zabok and in other local places at Zagorje. 

For its primary strategic goal, the Festival has a positioning on the festival map as the leading short film festival in Croatia and the region. In addition to the general promotion of short films to a wider audience, Tabor Film Festival promotes authors and helps them become part of the program of other European and world festivals. Along with a competitive and accompanying film program, the Festival also focuses on music programs, exhibitions, lectures, book promotions, all along with organized camp and gastronomic offer. 

The film program consists of two competition programs — domestic and international competitions where films of all genres are represented.

Tabor Film Festival consists of three cinemas. In the central part of the castle there is a cinema under the stars — Kino Tabor Varoš. Kino Rustica is established in the rustical hall, and Kino Kula in tower A. There is also an additional hall for additional screenings — Mediateka.

Tabor Film Festival was founded by the Civic Association for Culture Gokul that was the leading organizer until the 18th festival edition in 2020. From 2021 the lead of Tabor Film Festival is Creative production company SABMARINE and 2023 organization goes to obnomika d.o.o.. The partners of the Festival are the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Ministry of Culture and Media, Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje, Krapina-Zagorje County, the Municipality of Desinić and many others.

Tabor Film Festival is the winner of the national annual award Simply the Best for 2017. in the category Events — Multiday Thematic Events awarded by UHPA — the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies and the travel magazine Way to Croatia.