Turbulent past, magical beauty and endless views of Hrvatsko zagorje


Veliki Tabor Castle, home to our Festival, sits at the top of Mount Košnički Hum, above the village of Desinić, offering one of the most beautiful views in the Hrvatsko zagorje region, which has impressed many over the course of more than half a century. An exquisite example of secular architecture typical of Continental Croatia, the magical castle is a protected cultural monument whose authentic fortified architecture makes it blend into the idyllic nature. It is a remarkable site that never ceases to impress.

Whether it is the endless views from the castle – stretching all the way to Slovenia – or its marvellous interiors, Veliki Tabor is certain to overwhelm and excite the senses. Its unmistakable energy quite possibly owes to the many myths and legends associated with the site. One of the best-known legends, harking back to a time when the castle was under the rule of the Counts of Celje, talks of the tragic story of the forbidden love between a young nobleman Frederick and a commoner Veronica. It ends in the young lovers being separated, with Frederick confined in the tower and Veronica put to death and immured into the castle walls. According to some, her voice can still be heard coming through from time to time, carried with the wind.

In its turbulent past, the Castle was at one point at the very heart of cultural and political happenings, such as when it was owned by the mighty noble family of Rattkay, and at other times almost completely forgotten and abandoned – used as a prison, orphanage or to dry cure meat. The historical injustices were rectified at the beginning of the 21st century, when the Castle was completely renovated, hence becoming one of the best recognisable features of the region and Croatia as a whole.

In summertime, the Castle enjoys the lush and fragrant nature of its surroundings by day and the expansive comfort of starry skies by night, making summer the perfect time to experience its enchanting beauty. Come to the Tabor Film Festival and let yourself fall in love with the place forever…