Ana Despot / Hrvatska, Croatia / 2024 / 07'34''/ animirani / animation
directed and written by Ana Despot

actor, voice: Dragan Despot

Music: Darko Hajsek

ALU production
In a peaceful but mysterious forest, mother and son live harmoniously, until one day a mysterious adder sneaks up on them and disturbs their peace. The viper turns into a beautiful maiden and seduces the stupid son who loses his mind completely. The mother decides to go into the forest in search of Stribor, the forest god, to ask him for help. However, when she finally finds him, things start to develop in an unexpected direction and the mother must gather all her courage and strength to save her son. This cheerful interpretation of the story of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić plays with tradition and gives the original story a dark, but also humorous twist.