BLOOM / Tamara Broćić / Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade

Summer 2004, Sunday before Saint John’s Eve. Sara (8) is at her grandmother’s in the country, spending time with a girl named Vesna (10), who lets her in on the secrets she finds out through bits and pieces of the her elder sister’s life, teenager Anica (17). Together, they spy on her. Influenced by the myths circulating in the village, Sara begins to suspect that the mysterious boy from the neighbouring village she is secretly seeing at night is actually a vampire.

PANIC / Sara Grgurić / Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb

Panic is an experimental film made in a continuous shot which gives an audio-visual form to a panic attack, by relying on movement, editing, music and sound in order to make manifest the anxiety residing in the body, as well as thoughts and feelings. The film explores what expressive techniques can be used to produce excitement, stress, nervousness in the audience, and what visual means are available to portray the emotional state caused by a panic attack.

EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT / Benjamin Noah Maričak / Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb

Before the patriarch of the family goes abroad, the family is having a farewell dinner. However, something is a-brewing in the back – and it’s more than food. While packing their suitcases, the husband wants to reassess the relationship with his wife. She stops him in his tracks – the show they are putting on is meant for kids only.

DEAD KNOT / Ismira Mašić / Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo

Amra (23) is a girl doing her utmost to live a ‘normal’ life of her generation, fighting her demons, dealing with her mother’s illness, guilt and growing up. Her biggest fear is also what she desires the most: to go back home. One morning, after a fight with her mother, Amra goes home only to find her in a bad state. Removing the burnt beans from the stove, Amra is trying to stay strong in front of her mother, who does not even know what day it is. The difficult night ends with Amra singing a lullaby to her mother as if to a baby.

ACROSS / Miloš Bojović / Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, Czech Republic

When, after coming back home, Stefan decides to leave once more in search of peace, stability and happiness, a series of events will try to dissuade him from the possibility of moving and changing his surroundings. Can there be change, aside from the internal and personal one?

GODSPEED, SARA! / Isidora Ratković / Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo

Sara (23) is finishing packing for her move to Australia with the TV on, blasting daily news. Sara’s mother Mirsada (55) is making a traditional red pepper relish ajvar for her, but Sara is worried she will not be able to fit everything in the suitcase. A fight ensues because Sara cannot find her passport, while Mirsada is scolding her, doubting she will manage on her own in Australia. Sara is trying to convince her the passport is somewhere in the apartment, since she saw it half an hour ago, but Mirsada does not relent. Sara picks up the cake they bought from the dresser and leaves the apartment. She takes the tram. While going through the city, Sara is admiring the view. She rings the door of an old, dilapidated building. Mario (26), a muscular young man with sharp features, opens the door. After sex, they stand in the window, smoking a cigarette. They are watching boys play soccer. The ball goes into the yard of an angry neighbour Amir (60), but he refuses to return the ball.