Zagorje special

SUN 12. 07. / 14 h

Our Zagorje Special program strives to show that Tabor Film Festival is not the only link between the region of Hrvatsko Zagorje and cinema. By finding films of differing genres that have a certain connection to Zagorje, whether they revolve around Zagorje in theme, via inspiration or the region plays a role in the authors’ background, the program is set on exploring the cinematic potential of Zagorje.

This year we are proud to present the film Improcon – Heartful of Music, by author Tea Grahek, shot on location at Veliki Tabor Castle in 2017, during Improcon – Congress Of Free Improvised Music, Arts & Thoughts.

Improcon is an international platform, informal congress and workshop festival where participating musicians, performers, dancers, poets, filmmakers, visual artists, theorists, producers and publishers seek to connect, concoct new ideas and strategies for ad hoc performances and, most importantly, for long-term international projects. The appealing location of the medieval castle has proven to be incredibly convenient, as well as exciting and inspiring, for more than 80 participants from 18 countries.


Tea Grahek – Slovenija / Slovenia 2018. – 52′ – dokumentarni / documentary

Debut film by young Slovenian filmmaker and editor Tea Grahek. The film is an intimate and documentary style visual story on Improcon 2017, about improvised music in general and a certain vision of free thinking.