Dear friends and guests of Tabor Film Festival,

At seventeen years, only a year before we reach maturity and are faced with any new challenges that might come with it, we are set on enjoying our Festival under the starlit sky to the fullest by giving everybody nothing less than the very best from the current cinema and music scenes! For this special occasion, our Festival comes with whole new visually appealing attire, aiming to express a grand and warm welcome to all Festival guests of our Veliki Tabor Castle!

Once again, we bring to you a selection of the best short films from all over the world, to be screened at our well-known screening venues, Al Fresco, Rustica and Tabor Varosh. Our main film program – International and Domestic Competition – is curated in keeping with the latest trends in the world of filmmaking: not only do these films push the boundaries of film genres in all imaginable ways; they also show an increasingly pervasive interaction with new technologies. This year, we therefore leave strict genre categories behind, letting you enjoy the pure art of cinema! In addition to about twenty foreign films, our Domestic Competition brings some new directorial names to the fore and gathers many old acquaintances of Tabor who we are always happy to welcome here at our Festival!

Our rich side film programs bring three retrospectives dedicated to three amazing authors: the winner of last year’s Domestic Competition Igor Bezinović, one of the most renowned Serbian film directors Ognjen Glavonić, and Scottish filmmaker based in London, Edward Lawrenson. Furthermore, seeing that Tabor Film Festival has become an unavoidable stop at the Short Matters Tour, a European film tour of works by young filmmakers nominated for the prestigious European Film Academy Award, this year as well, as part of our program Short Matters!, you will get to enjoy the best from last year’s European film production. Our Zagorje Special program, dedidated to exploring the contact between Zagorje and cinema, will take us to Kumrovec, the site of the Home of the Resistance, one of the most well-known ‘concrete sleepers’ of Zagorje. We will then embark a bit further south – all the way to sub-Saharan Africa – with our special program devoted to contemporary works of the said region. And last but not least, there is the Night of the Living Audience which promises a a relaxed atmosphere, where films are viewed with a lot of laughter and cheering enthusiasm. The host of this year’s edition of our most fun program section will be none other than the very versatile Mario Kovač.

Our music program has been selected with utmost care in collaboration with our new partners from Pozitivan Ritam, encompassing a wide range of music styles, from electro dance, beatbox live looping, Afro funk and avant-garde folk, all the way to Oriental jazz, chansons and trap. Our stages, Tabor Varosh, Sunset Stage, Campfire Stage and Grešna gorica, will host musical names from every part of the world, be it from the very far away land of Australia, Great Britain or our neighbouring Slovenia, but there will also be acts from the very heart of Zagorje: Fujiya&Miyage, Dub Fx, Bella Technika, Igralom, Širom, Zajtrk, Drago Diklić, Duo Franolić Ćulap, The Marshmallow Notebooks, Ganja $iljo, DJ Venom and others.

At the 17th edition of Tabor, we make additional room for the #EuandMe project, bringing a few more film titles to our Tabor hill, where our youngest Festival-goers will get a chance to enjoy weekend matinees in a selection of films from the KIKI Festival. To crown this, all visitors will be able to take part in many side events such as a film quiz, morning yoga and many others taking full pleasure in the picturesque nature surrounding the Castle – also the perfect spot for a workshop by Anton Rudan, better known as the Plant Hunter.

Hoping the four Tabor days will be etched in your memory for times to come, we wish you a very nice stay at our Festival!

Your 17 TFF Team