sound & vision

THU / 5thJuly, 2018 / 21 h / CINEMA TABOR VAROSH

Spiritual Market is a Porin-awarded jazz album by a young musician and painter Vedran Ružić. After the album was released, this versatile artist stepped into the world of film, and together with John Kardum and Ira Tomić designed and directed the film of the same title. The first Croatian jazz film, as the authors call it, thematically and cronologically follows the whole album. Its uniqueness and distinctiveness lies in the different approach because, contrary to the customs, the fim was based on music, not vice versa.

The big – screen projection of the film will provide a special experience for everyone present, as well as a challenge for the musicians because of the live music. Members of the jazz quartet that will perform live are Vedran Ružić on double bass, his colleagues from Klagenfurt conservatory Adriano Bernobić on drums, Pavle Miljenovic on guitar, and Šimun Matišić who will join them as a guest on vibraphone.


John Kardum, Ira Tomić – Hrvatska / Croatia 2016. – 39′ – eksperimentalni / experimental

The film is an abstract tour of Marco Polo’s journey in which the present and the past are intertwined, as well as the real and fictional characters in time-distorted roles. Thus, beside the Great Wall of China, Kublai Khan, the Old Man from the Mountain, Dervish, and Mark Polo himself, motifs of immigrants, borders, oil wars, media propaganda, poverty, pollution and climate change appear throughout the film, as well as some introspection and the struggles of the authors themselves. Marko Polo is portrayed both a historical figure and today’s refugee in the film.