Boris Poljak retrospective

FRI  6. 07. / 16 h CINEMA TOWER
SUN 8. 07. / 15 h / CINEMA RUSTICA

Boris Poljak, born in 1959 in Split, has worked as a professional cinematographer and director of photography since 1991. He has been awarded at various domestic and international festivals for his work (over fifty short documentary and experimental films, three feature films and over two hundred commercials). He has directed five short films, three of which as co-author with Damir Čučić. His film Autofocus (2013)

received numerous awards at various international festivals, including the Grand Prix at the festival in Karlovy Vary. His latest film “They Just Come and Go” still participates in many different festivals and has already won prizes in Oberhausen, Days of Croatian Film, Tabor Film Festival, DokuFest, Liburnia Film Festival and FeKK.

During Tabor Film Festival we will present three of his latest short films: “The Split Watercolour” (2009), “Autofocus” (2013) and “They Just Come and Go” (2016), as well as have a discussion with the author.

Boris Poljak – (HFS) Hrvatska / Croatia 2009 – 15’ – dokumentarni / documentary

In the city of Split, the beach at Žnjan was created by land filling the area with sand and gravel from the sea. Often serving as a parking space, it does not function as a real beach and it is perceived as a city beach for less well-off people. The film observes the people on the beach, seen through a strong telephoto lens in every-day situations typical for life on the beach. The swimmers and the sea, cars and ships, all flicker in the heat, like a moving watercolour. Their languid rhythm creates an image of their pure existence.

Boris Poljak – (MILVA film i video) Hrvatska / Croatia 2013 – 26’ – dokumentarni / documentary

Tourists, unaware of the proximity of the camera, become performers in a daily show.

Every summer, the twelfth-century church of Saint Nicholas draws large crowds of tourists. Situated on a picturesque hill and next to a lone tree, it is as if the site becomes a stage where various unusual events take place. Thus, the tourists, unaware of the proximity of the camera, become performers in a daily show.

Boris Poljak – (HFS) Hrvatska / Croatia 2017 ‒ 20′ – dokumentarni / documentary

In summer, just before sunrise, Split’s most popular city beach becomes a meeting point of two opposite worlds. The surreal intersection of youngsters whose night is just ending and the elderly whose day is just beginning reminds us of the transience of life.