PAVLICA BAJSIĆ BRAZZODURO: HOERSPIEL – a small game for listening (and watching)
A unique theatre piece about the mystery & romance of the early days of radio
THU 5. 7. / 19:00 H

HOERSPIEL – a small game for listening (and watching) – a project by Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro, is a play that refers to radio as an artistic medium, exploring its performance possibilities. Ten performers and their invisible partner The sound will take the viewers on a burlesque journey through the early history of the radio. Using textual fragments of about thirty world-famous authors, live performers will create and perform sound effects, atmosphere and silence, offering the spectator’s perception numerous different paths. The performance was premiered in 2014. It is performed at Arko House on the Upper Town of Zagreb and on numerous guest performances, in memory of the radio drama author and director Zvonimir Bajsić, and the late member of this collective, Anto Perković.

Sound design: Dino Brazzoduro, Ivan Zelić, Ljubica Letinić
Light design: Marino Frankola
Graphic design: Joško Gamberožić, Klasja Habjan
Movies: Dalibor Barić
Produced by: Multimedijalna koliba