medvedgrad corner

“Create a Beautiful Story”

THU 5.7. / 17:30 H

This year’s TFF will show how self-sustainability is very important aspect of life. Luka Tomac, an artist, an environmental activist, member of many UN summits about climate changes, photographer whose photos have been published in world’s most prestigious magazines will visualize it at his book promotion ‘Front line stories of climate change’. It is a collection of photographs, interviews, essays and his testimonials from global south and north, which are summed up into community stories from more than twenty countries. Those countries face the reality of global warming. At the same time they provide resistance to fossil fuels and fight for resolution of the situation. The book elaborates different stories – from the biggest coal mine in Columbia and Germany, to toxic rivers in Nigeria. From the energy revolution started by the citizens in Spain, over the snowy Kilimanjaro, up to Artic that is melting rapidly. There will be stories from Croatia also. Book promotion is a part of the Medvedgrad corner – ‘Create beautiful stories’.

PET 6.7 & SAT 7. 7. / 15 H

Can you imagine coming to a festival and making your first film (to be exact, a vlog)? Yes, but only at Tabor Film Festival! “Vlogshop” is the name of a 2-day workshop where you will learn how to make a vlog, and its presenter is one of the most famous Croatian vloggers. Krooncheck says that vlogging made him become more creative, freer and happier in life, which is something many of us would like to experience. On the first day the attendants will learn some basics about vlogs as a form of expression, about the possibilities of Youtube as a platform, ethical controversies related to vlogging, as well as how to communicate and provoke interest in people to finally subscribe. Later on, a practical task will be given that concerns Tabor Film Festival, of course. The second day will be spent editing the collected material with loads of tips and tricks by Krooncheck. You don’t have to bring any equipment, CANON Croatia provided 10 cameras and we will provide the rest. All of you who would like to participate in the workshop have to apply at All is clear, it is time for your first vlog! The workshop is a part of Medvedgrad corner – “Create your own stories”.

FRI 7. 7. / 16:30 H

Ivan Mrvoš is a young genius from Solin. His name is probably not familiar to you if you are not a part of the technology world, but you have probably heard of his product. Ivan is the creator of the first Croatian solar bench that is used for public lightning and charging of cellular phones, mostly known under the name of – smart bench. This young man started his work in a garage, at the age of 19 he has already started his business, now his company named Include owns millions, smart benches have been placed all over the world from Croatia, Germany, USA, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong to Australia. Ivan is still a humble person like he was before. He says that he did not start his company for the money, but because he wants to create incredible products that people will use all over the world, and he also wants to give people an opportunity to work with him on those products. It is good to hear his fascinating story first-hand, because he had lots of ups and downs and we are sure that you will get a new idea that will inspire you to change the world. The lecture is a part of Medvedgrad corner – ‘Create beautiful stories’.

PET 6. 7. / 17:30 H

Damir Bakić is a full time professor at the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Science. In his lecture „The Sustainable University“ he will talk about a special responsibility universities have in ensuring sustainable development. Their role is building a common conscience, passing the knowledge, technologies and tools for creation of sustainable future, and above all – education. Only through education people can become more aware, competent, responsible, critical and capable for further learning. Education is a tool for spreading knowledge, as well as for development of skills needed for desired changes in our behavior, value system and lifestyle. How can we adapt our university programs to demands of sustainable living? How can we organize the lifestyle of university and trough that add to sustainable development and inspire our community? How can we raise consciousness about all aspects of sustainable development? How to act in a community? How are our desires for sustainable progress reflected in the development of the universities themselves? What are the traits and perspectives of a sustainable development of the university? What are specific tasks and challenges of developing universities as local and regional centers for education and research? Those are just some of the questions that will be answered. The lecture is a part of Medvedgrad corner – “Create beautiful stories”.

FRI 6. 7. / 22 H

At Tabor Film Festival we assure you that you will try out some of the things for the first time, whatever that might mean. One of those things is knife-forging. And how did it all start? “One summer night in 2001, someone left a fire iron in barbecue embers for too long. I took it out and for the first time in my life I saw a glowing piece of steel; I will never forget that feeling, I was fascinated by that red colour under the moonlight and stars. I turned to my friend and said: “Dude, tomorrow we are forging!” That was the turning point in life for young Karlo Ban from Desinić, the place where the festival is taking place. His nickname Bladesmith inspires awe in every sense, and because of the high quality of his knives, every decent chef hopes to have one of his knives in his kitchen. His style of forging, if we could call it that way, is inspired by the Japanese process and Scandinavian design. So if you want to find out about your style of forging, come to our workshop which will take place under the clear blue sky next to the castle. Fire, steel, the sound of forging and the sparks that fly through the air as you forge your first knife – a scene you will remember for the rest of your life. Everyone who wants to participate has to apply at The workshop is a part of Medvedgrad corner – “Create your own stories”.

SAT 7. 7. / 16:30 H

Boris Jokić is one of the key actors in the curricular reform and this year’s festival host. In his lecture “When I grow up I’m going to be a police officer, a YouTuber, an astrophysicist, Kolinda, religious …The future of Croatia as seen through the eyes of the youth” he’ll present the results of numerous studies conducted by the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb between 2017 and 2018. The common aim of these studies, which included 15000 children and youth from around Croatia, was to establish how 8- to 18-year-olds perceive their future as well as the future of the Republic of Croatia. Are there any girls in Croatia who want to be astrophysicists or boys who want to be hairdressers or beauticians? How many of them want to be Sandra Afrika or Kolinda Grabar Kitarović? Perceiving their future in an optimistic light is what they all share. At the same time, however, they find that Croatia doesn’t provide an environment in which they can fulfil their potentials. The lecture will present the results on their musical and cultural preferences for the first time and will let us know which group is the most optimistic: fans of rock, techno or turbofolk. We’ll also learn what to do when optimism takes over Zagorje and the rest of Croatia. This lecture is part of the “Create Beautiful Stories” Medvedgrad Corner.

SAT 7. 7. / 17:30 H

Is everything so horrible in Croatia? Is there anything worth staying for? Does leaving to Ireland really make a better life? Paul O’Grady is the most competent person to answer these and similar questions. Irishman, a native of Dublin, came to Croatia 15 years ago and stayed. In the lecture “Croatia: Daring to believe,” you will hear a very positive and motivating story of life in Croatia from the perspective of an Irishman, who finds Croatia maddening at times, while at the same time it has a lot to offer for a pleasant life. Paul may not help you with a decision whether you need to stay here or leave, nor will he persuade you to do this or that, but you will surely get a completely new, more optimistic way of looking at things we deal with in Croatia on daily basis. He is an architect, an English language teacher, Irish dance instructor, motivational speaker and business coach. He wrote and published two great books: ‘I, a Dad from Ireland’ and ‘My Boat is Croatia’. He lives in Vodnjan, with his wife and two sons, where he is growing olives for a family business. Most of his professional work is focused on teaching and working with young people, who he consideres the greatest Croatian treasure. The lecture is part of Medvedgrad’s Corner – “Create a Beautiful Story”.

SUN 8. 7. / 14:30 H

Davor Rostuhar’s “Polar dream” is one of the events that marked the last year. His journey to the achievement of his dream – the first Croatian expedition to the South Pole was a journey deep into himself, which, after many breaks and difficulties, ended in an unimaginable triumph. The expedition lasted for 47 days, during which he passed over 1163km all alone in a white deserted of snow and ice without food delivery, pulling all the equipment in sleds that weigh 135 kg, without the use of external energy (wind, dogs, motor sleds etc.). The preparation for the expedition lasted for two years. Since his return to Croatia at the end of January 2018, he devoted himself entirely to writing his seventh book and preparing a multimedia lecture.  With his director and friend Đuro Gavran, he made his first documentary film from videos made on the journey. The premiere of the book and film took place in front of the sold out Grand Hall of Vatroslav Lisinski. But watch out! Davor’s story could inspire you to start following your own great dreams! The book’s promotion is part of Medvedgrad’s Corner – “Create a Beautiful Story”.