Boris Štromar – star party

SAT 7. 7. / 21:30 H

You can observe the star sky over Tabora with a telescope! Planets, nebulae and galaxies will easily be seen through a large telescope. By the way, you can learn to recognize the constellations by using a powerful green laser at the “outdoor planetarium”. Boris Štromar a.k.a. Astro Bobo is an astronomer amateur, astrophotographer and astronomy popularizer who has been involved in it since 1997. The main “culprit” for this is the Hale-Bopp comet, which he went to watch on Japetić with the team of the newsgroup Their enthusiasm was unimaginable, which led to formation of Astronomical Society Beskraj in the following year. He is the current president of the society. The Star Party will be held on Saturday, July 7 starting at 21:30 at the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, located on a hill near Big Tabor. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions and find out everything they want to know about the sky above them. All this will take place, of course, if the weather permits.