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Grešna Gorica is a restaurant located on a hill of the same name opposite the Veliki Tabor Castle, a medieval castle which evokes romantic memories of the difficult past, but also pride in Croatian history. In Grešna Gorica you can experience a part of Croatia and Zagorje’s history. The old Roman saying goes: “In order to truly know the people and their country, sit at their table, eat their food and drink their wine, then you will truly know what kind of a country it is and what kind of people they are.“ If you believe these words of wisdom from old Romans, in our restaurant you can get to know Zagorje, its people and customs. This rural household offers a real rural ambience of Zagorje, homemade specialties and wine from our vineyards. Your time in Grešna Gorica will be completed with a centuries-old oak forest, vineyards, meadows, fully-equipped children’s playground and domestic animals, which are an essential part of rural life.

Mini dairy farm Veronika opened its doors in 2000 as the first – and still the only – dairy farm in Krapina-Zagorje County. It is located in Desinić, area famous for the Veliki Tabor Castle and the legend of the unfortunate fate of Veronika Desinićka, after whom the dairy farm got its name.

About 200,000 litres of milk are processed in their new and modern plant. The milk is freshly milked every day and supplied from suppliers from the area. They offer cottage cheese, yoghurt, kefir, butter, kajmak spread, whey, buttermilk, several types of cheeses (cottage, low-fat, soft cheese, semi-hard, hard), several types of cheese spreads, sour cream and whipped cream, deserts made with cottage cheese and many more.

Mini dairy farm Veronika’s products do not contain preservatives, artificial additives or colors, and are made naturally according to old recipes. Satisfied customers are a proof of quality and good business operations. Their project at the 15thTabor Film Festival is the Veronika Hangover Corner which is a corner where all the festival visitors can get various refreshments and freshly baked products from Veronika’s bakery! They say that there isn’t a better cure for a hangover than buttermilk.

The Kindergarten and  children’s workshops  will be organized in cooperation with the humanitarian initiative Dobri Domaćini (Good Hosts), which provides support to creative youth in Croatia who lack adequate parental support, as well as those who came to Croatia fleeing misfortune. Parents will be able to leave their children in the kindergarten and relax. The children will enjoy numerous creative workshops, projectss and games with volunteers. Workshop hours will be from 14 to 20h.