Camping rules TFF

Tabor Film Festival Camping – be at the source of good vibrations!

We begin with a great announcement: we have ensured a 50% discount on bathing tickets at Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj spas as well as a festival shuttle connecting all festival locations including the spas.

Cell phone and electrical equipment charging will be possible at the festival site. Wireless Internet will not be available. Take a break from civilization. :)Meet the people around you.

Grocery shopping will be available 24h at the festival site in close proximity of the campsite. You will be able to buy everything from the standard dairy and other products from the mini dairy farm Veronika to the offer of Grešna gorica restaurant that has prepared festival meals at popular prices for the occasion.

Opening hours

  • The campsite opens on July 5th (Thursday) at 12:00 and closes on July 9th (Monday) at 12:00

Reservations, rules, and a few administrative details upon arrival to the camp

  • In order to reserve a spot at the camping and for all other information regarding the campsite please contact Your application should contain your full name, contact information (e-mail and mobile phone number for all persons camping) and the number of tents that you wish to reserve.
  • We are receiving a lot of inquiries about setting up tents in the shade. We believe you understand that this will not be possible for everyone so the „first come first served“ rule will apply upon arrival to the campsite.
  • Upon arrival to the campsite it is required to register at the info desk, and the festival staff will lead you to the campsite and instruct you where you can set up your tent. Due to big demand and limited camp capacity, we ask everyone to use the space rationally while setting up tent and to follow the staff instructions. Camping is allowed at the designated and marked areas only.
  • The campsite is located around 300m from the parking and in the close proximity of the festival site. It will be possible to access the campsite by vehicle only to unload or load camping equipment until 19h and vehicles will be able to spend a maximum of 15 minutes at the campsite.
  • Entering the festival campsite is possible only with a valid festival or daily ticket wristband that cannot be removed, cut, torn or damaged in any way or it ceases to be valid.A daily ticket is valid for one day of camping and the daily ticket holders are obliged to leave the campsite as well as the festival site until 13h on the following day.
  • Upon registration, all campers will sign a contract obliging them to abide to all camping rules and to keep public order. It is also required for all campers to disclose information about chronic illnesses, alergies or special needs in order for the staff to be prepared for a quick reaction in case of emergency.

Use of camping space, infrastructure and equipment

  • It is allowed to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages only in plastic containers to the campsite only. It is not allowed to bring food or bevarages to all other Festival locations including the Veliki Tabor castle, surrounding hillsite and the Grešna Gorica site.
  • It is forbidden to bring drugs and own alcoholic beverages to all Festival locations.
  • It is forbidden to build fires or barbecues; as well as to bring inflammable liquids or solids such as fuels, pyrotechnics, explosive devices, etc.
  • Loud music is not allowed due to the film projections taking place inside the castle.
  • Outdoor showes and toilet facilities are available inside the campsite. We kindly ask all campers to only use them for their intended purpose. We advise you to bring your swimming suits, you can use them for showering or for using your 50% discounts at the Terme Tuhelj and Terme Olimia spas, which you have already decided when reading this great news.
  • It is strictly forbidden to to use electrical appliances such as fridges or any kind of cooking devices.
  • During and after camping it is mandatory to keep the space around the tent clean.

Responsibility, safety, and personal belongings

  • You are using all camp facilities at your own responsibility. Take care of your personal belongings, especially the more valuable ones. The Organizers are not responsible for possible theft or disappearance of your belongings nor for accidents and injuries caused by camper negligence.
  • Pets are allowed in all Festival areas except for the Veliki Tabor castle, but with permanent supervision by their owners.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to decline or forbid entrance to the campsite to anyone who might in any way endanger the safety of the visitors or cause any kind of problems regardless of ticket posession. We encourage everyone to report any improper behavior in good faith.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to decline camping accommodation without compensation or refund to all persons that have been proven to not abide by these rules and instructions for camping.
  • Any damage to campsite facilities will be subject to damage compensation in the applicable countervalue.
  • Domestic animals (chickens, ducks, kittens and a three-legged dog) are present in the close proximity from the campsite and we therefore ask the campers to behave friendly towards them.

What to bring and who to complain to?

  • Apart from tents, sleeping bags and mats, it is advisable to take with you flashlights, patches, earplugs, sunscreen. Frisbees, hula hoops, badminton equipment and a great mood are mandatory. 🙂
  • Complaints regarding the conditions or the operation of the campsite as well as recommendations and praises can be sent to

Last but not least…

  • We invite everyone to behave friendly and responsibly in order to provide an enjoyable camping experience for everyone. Bring a lot of good mood and smiles with you and you will receive the same in return. See you at the campsite.