Is organised transport available to the festival area?

TFF visitors will be eligible for a 50% discount on one-way and return tickets upon showing their festival tickets to the driver. The tickets are only available on Presecki Grupa buses. Regular afternoon lines Zagreb-Desinić will go to the base of Tabor Hill if neccessary, while the 04:15 Desinić-Zagreb line on Friday, Saturday and Monday as well as the 05:50 line on Saturday, Sunday and Monday will leave the base of Tabor Hill five minutes before the expected departure from Desinić.

Transport is also available through the BlaBlaCar service http://blbl.cr/BlaBla_TaborFilmFestival

Festival shuttle.

A festival shuttle will be available from this year connecting all the most important festival locations on the following route: Veliki Tabor- Grešna Gorica – Desinić-Terme Tuhelj – Terme Olimia.

Festival shuttle timetable

Am I allowed to stay at the official campsite with a daily ticket?

Daily ticket holders are allowed to stay at the campsite. A daily ticket is valid for one day of camping and the daily ticket holders are obliged to leave the campsite as well as the festival site until 13h on the following day.

How far is the campsite from the parking and the festival site (Veliki Tabor castle)?

The campsite is located around 300m from the parking and in the close proximity of the festival site. It will be possible to access the campsite by vehicle only to unload or load camping equipment until 19h and vehicles will be able to spend a maximum of 15 minutes at the campsite.

How far is the parking from the festival site and will I have to pay for it?

The parking is located around 300m from the festival site. We invite all visitors to use the space rationally, and to only park at the indicated sites.

Where can I find accommodation during the festival?

The festival campsite is located around 300m from the parking and in the close proximity of the festival site. It is free of charge for the festival ticket and day ticket holders, but for reasons of limited capacity you will have to reserve your camping spot by e-mail at kamp.tff@gmail.com. The e-mail must contain your full name, contact information (mail + mobile number) and the number of tents that you wish to reserve for.

Find accommodation

Lost and found at the festival?

In case you happen to lose something or find a lost item we kindly ask you to inform the staff at the festival info point located at the castle entry. For all questions regarding the lost and found items after the festival is over please contact kamp.tff@gmail.com. We encourage all the festival visitors to take care of their possessions and themselves, as well as other people’s possessions and safety.

What should I bring with me to the festival?

If you are camping, apart from tents, sleeping bags and mats, it is advisable to take with you flashlights, patches, earplugs, sunscreen. Frisbees, hula hoops, badminton equipment and a great mood are mandatory. Umbrellas will not be allowed inside the castle.

Can minors attend the festival?

All persons are welcome to the festival regardless of their age. In order to comply with Croatian legislation persons under the age of 16 will have to be accompanied by an adult. It is forbidden to serve alcoholic beverages to minors and to consume alcoholic beverages by minors (persons under the age of 18).

Are pets allowed at the festival?

Pets are allowed in all festival areas except for the Veliki Tabor castle, but with permanent supervision by their owners.

Accessibility for visitors with disabilities or reduced mobility?

The festival site and the campsite are accessible to visitors with disabilities and reduced mobility and we kindly ask them to contact the festival staff upon arrival to the festival with all additional inquiries. Toilet facilities for visitors with disabilities is located inside the Veliki Tabor castle. The festival tickets and day tickets for visitors with disabilities and reduced mobility will be charged at the regular price. Persons accompanying visitors with disabilities and reduced mobility can access the festival and the campsite free of charge.

Where can I buy tickets and can I buy them online?

Mali medo, Zagreb
Pivnica Medvedgrad, Zagreb
Fakin Craft Bar, Zagreb
Dirty Old Shop, Zagreb
Krčma Polanović, Zabok
Grešna gorica, Desinić
Havana Club, Krapinske Toplice
Pivnica Cantina, Klenovac Humski
ONLINE: Entrio: http://bit.ly/2jlb3o0

Is it allowed to use professional photo or video equipment?

Use of professional photo or video equipment is only allowed to photographers with an official festival accreditation. You can use your mobile phone or pocket camera. The use of drones is forbidden on the entire festival area (except for the drone workshop), and for safety reasons selfie sticks are only allowed at the campsite.