The festival tickets are sold at a pre-sale price of HRK195 (€26) by July, 5.

At the entrance the festival ticket price will be HRK240 (€32).

The ticket price includes camping for which you have  to make a reservation at .

The price for a daily ticket for the Thursday and Sunday program is HRK65/80 (9/11€) , and HRK 85/100 (12/14€) for the Friday and Saturday program.


Dirty Old Shop, 18 Tratinska St., Zagreb
Krčma Polanović, 36 Matije Gupca St., Zabok
Caffe bar Mala Ramona, Ljudevit Gaj Square 1, Krapina
Pizzeria Ramona, 9 Stjepan Radić St., Pregrada
Grešna Gorica, 49216, Desinić