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Awards of 12. Tabor Film Festival

International Competition

Jury members: Gabriel Gauchet, Baris Karamuço, Martina Meštović


Kraljica / La Reina / The Queen

Manuel Abramovich – Argentina – 2013 – 19′ – dokumentarni / documentary


“A documentary with a perfect hidden eye… The great camera choices make us feel extremely close to the main character, but remain unnoticed, almost invisible. The director doesn’t try to show everything and everyone, he just focuses on it’s main subject – but we still have the feeling to have seen the whole picture.”

Glad / Hunger

Petra Zlonoga – Hrvatska/Croatia – 6′ – 2014 – animacija / animation


“This is truly a poetic film. The jury was impressed by the imaginative journey that we were taken through. A very powerful vision of life.”


Špela Čadež – Slovenija, Njemačka/Slovenia, Germany – 2013 – 12′ – animacija / animation


“This is a great animation, with incredibly well made characters that felt alive, as if they had a soul. It has a visually impressive scenography with a lot of details, a great camera, and lots of beautiful ideas.”

Portreti / Los Retratos / Portraits

Iván David Gaona – Kolumbija / Colombia – 2012 – 14′ – igrani / fiction

ic1-LosRetratos 300dpi

“This film is a great example of honest and human filmmaking, without imposing anything on its audience. The characters are extremely natural, the camera beautiful and subtle, the same with the sound, editing and storytelling. The Jury was very touched by this film and unanimously decided to award it with the Grand Prix.”


Kao i svako tijelo / De weg van alle vlees / The way of all flesh

Deben Van Dam – Belgium

Kolekcija mirisa / The Flavors Collection / Colectia de Arome

Igor Cobileanski – Romania

Ja sam Tom Moody / I’m Tom Moody

Ainslie Henderson – Scotland

Domestic Competition

Jury members: Rungano Nyoni, Valentina Božičkova, Peter Murdmaa


Mrzim te / I hate you

Lana Kosovac – Croatia

mrzim te

“The Jury were unanimous in their decision. We were particularly impressed by remarkable acting, particularly from the lead actress. We agreed that although the story dealt with a subject we had seen many times before, in this case , it unfolded in a refreshing and unpredictable way. We were constantly surprised and charmed by the directing, writing and acting.”



Ivana Bošnjak & Thomas Johnson – Croatia


“The Jury decided to give this to an animation that impressed us with it’s imaginative and masterful use of puppetry. For over 8 wonderful minutes we were thoroughly submerged in a uniquely creative world that was technically brilliant.”


Pet metara / 5 Meters 80

Nicolas Devaux – France


EUROSHORT special mention:

Starci / Home is where my age is

Anja Strelec & Tomislava Jukić – Croatia